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David Mallari  Dave Mallari

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"ME Pig Roast"
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Island pig roast catering" "RI pig roast catering" "RI pig roast"
The Pig Kahuna is the premiere provider of Pig Roasts and Paella Parties in New England
Maine ,New Hampshire,  Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
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We understand that you may be shopping around. If you are, be sure to ask these
Top 5 questions when comparing companies.

1) Is the roaster covered?  Ours is not!!! The uncovered roaster adds to the festivities by letting your guests see
the pig actually cooking.  This also allows the skin to crisp up perfectly. The perfect appetizer!

Are they using a rotisserie?  Our open air rotisserie ensures that the juices are evenly distributed.  Most
companies just lay the pig out on a giant grill. This may cause dry spots as well as very greasy spots of the pig.

Are the employees Serve Safe MANAGER certified?  They should be and The Pig Kahuna is. This
ensures your food will be handled with the utmost safety in mind.

Are they insured?  The Pig Kahuna carries full liability insurance.

What kind of culinary training do they have?  Chef Dave has over 30 years in the food industry and is a
classically trained chef.
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